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February 12, 2008


Chandika J

Just came across ManagedQ. Very impressive. I think this is a very positive step towards making search much easier.

Not to diss your work in anyway, but there were a couple of things that stood out..

- the chrome, colors arent the best for a simple search engine. Google got their way because of their simple start page. yours is similar, but the colors put me off. The UI looks too cluttered and complicated.

- you present a lot of information in a search, and navigating through a large number of results is difficult with the current UI. Most of the time one would skim through results, google etc. is ideal for this. MQ is a bit too heavy.

Given the richness of the content you put out, I think your search will be more effective and responsive as a RIA (non-ajax). May be do a version in Flex. Even a desktop app based on AIR might be a good tool to search with.

Even better would be a firefox plugin that renders the search engine results in your form.

Fabian Schonholz

I just discovered your site. I am not sure I will use it right off the bat, however, I think it is promising. Nice way to use Web2.0 methodologies. And I like the cluster idea.


The tutorial is great. Nice work on the recent speed improvements. Also, what new features can we expect? I heard you guys have been rolling out development at a breakneck pace.

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